History Malcesine

The first historical data can be seen around 500 BC and refer to fixed and organized settlements of populations of Etruscan origin.

The first building of the castle above the remains of earlier fortifications dating seems to be around the middle of the first millennium through the work of the Lombards. In 509 D.C. the castle was partly in ruins and later rebuilt by the Franks after defeating the armies Longobard.

From 1277 to 1378 came under the Malcesine 'Della Scala' who perform work of modernizing and strengthening the fortress which was then called 'Castle Scaligero'.

After the rule of the Visconti of Milan (1387-1403) Malcesine, except for short periods (the Imperial from 1506 to 1516 and the French from 1797 to 1798), was governed from 1405 to 1797 from the 'Serenissima Repubblica di Venezia' who knew how to manage with wisdom and skill, establishing for the control of a territory known as the 'Gardesana Water' that was located in Malcesine in the 'Palace of the Captains'.

From 1798 to 1866, when it passed the Veneto to the Kingdom of Italy, the Austrians, consisting executed work of consolidation, changes and expansion within the castle, turning it into military garrison.

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